My Recipe My Story

My Recipe My Story

My Recipe My Story is exclusively for PACE alumni to showcase their PASSION, ADAPTABILITY, CREATIVITY, ENVIRONMENTALISM and DISCIPLINE they mastered in the culinary world. We believe that our Alumni will STAND OUT and become the CHEFPRENEURS they dreamed of!

Follow and Reach your dreams together with our Alumni Series of “My Recipe My Story”

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PACE Culinary Arts student Fatima Cadisim from Batch 2 has always been passionate in cooking. Even before when she does office works, she would take extra effort to cook for her colleagues. She knew that she will be at her happiest if she pursues her dream in the kitchen. With the training and knowledge from PACE, Fatima has found the strength to step out in the real world and conquer every restaurants she can practice her skills with.

After graduation, Fatima became the Chef de Partie of Giovanni’s Ristorante where she got the inspiration and mastered cooking the Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta. Amazingly at the launch of this video, she has been invited in Cebu for another work stint. It’s a blessing for us to hear such news! Congratulations Fatima!

Watch Episode 1 here: Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta


PACE alumni, JC Mendoza is ​from Batch 5 class of 2013. He ​is one of the best and passionate in their class. JC encountered multiple challenges before he finally settled for the one. He found his calling the moment he entered PACE and focus in culinary. He knew that cooking makes him proud and contented. With the training and experiences PACE has offered JC, he build up and enhanced his talents and strengths which he was able to show ​not just in the competitions he has joined in but in his actual career as well.

After graduation, JC was hired in Avi ​, a restaurant in ​Kapitolyo as his stepping stone to furnish his talents and skills. Right after Avi, he was offered a job in the City of Dreams Manila, where he is now one of ​the Line Cooks​of Nobu Restaurant. It’s a big blessing for our alumni! We are proud of you JC!​

Watch Episode 2 here: Adobo sa Sampaloc on Sweet Potato

PACE alumni, Aaron Atanacio from CAD-Batch 5 is part of a group of devoted Culinary practitioners that believes cooking has changed their lives. From business management to culinary arts, Aaron has then decided to take over the family business and continue doing what he is passionate about.

After graduation, Aaron is now a full time events caterer and entrepreneur. Combining his skills together, he has earned a lot of experience and skills for his career. We are more than proud for all of our Alumni pursuing their dreams and having a great career! Good job Aaron!

Watch Episode 3 here: Beef Salpicao with Garlic Rice


2017 Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE: Maintaining the PACE towards Excellence at the 2017 Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE believes in the wisdom that Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends. With this in mind, it is always a challenge for us to better each year’s performance.

With every year of staging, the expectation of the judges gets higher and gaining success is definitely harder. In this competition nothing is given. You will literally have to earn it through blood, sweat and tears.

Gaining from a successful 2016 experience, PACE surpassed its previous achievement in the 2017 staging of this competition and which yielded 13 podiums finishes with higher finishes particularly in the Silver Medal level in the following categories:

Silver Medals in:

  • Local Fish or Seafood – Fiona Flores
  • Dream Team – Chef Carla Asence
  • Dream Team – Chef May Martinez
  • Dream Team – Chef April Martinez-Aluning
  • Dream Team – Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan
  • U.S. Pork – Chef April Martinez Aluning
  • U.S. Pork – Chef Romulo Solver
  • U.S. Poultry – Chef May Martinez
  • Quick Fire Salad – Chef Carla Asence
  • Fantasy Plated Dessert – Chef May Martinez

Bronze Medals in:

  • Local Fish or Seafood – Jennifer Alcantara
  • U.S. Pork – Dave Pagkatipunan
  • Pasta – Charlane Gonzales
  • Young Chefs – Chelsea Keith Ballesteros
  • Young Chefs – Iana Christine Reyes
  • Filipino Cuisine – Bolyn Gonzales-Mangosan
  • Filipino Cuisine – Charlane Gonzales
  • Filipino Cuisine – Fiona Flores
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Romulo Solver
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef May Martinez
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef April Martinez-Aluning

PACE has assembled a team of dedicated instructors and students who are committed to represent PACE and its partners the best way they could. Led by Chef Lowell Cauilan and Chef Menoy Gimenez, PACE once again improved their performance that impressed the judges and gained the respect of fellow professionals.

In this year’s competition, creativity is not enough. You really have to pay attention to the fine details, demonstrate deep understanding of culinary techniques and finish it with culinary artistry reflected in the dish you created.

PACE is blessed to have the right people with the right attitude and the ever supportive industry partners who made things happen for us this year.

With all these achievements, we are truly grateful to God for giving us the talent and the right tools to succeed. PACE would like to thank also all its sponsors who trusted and supported PACE for this year’s Philippine Culinary Cup.