ISYC: Integrated School for Young Children partners with PACE

One of the biggest masterchef event we had this year! Thank you to ISYC for partnering with PACE and to all the kind teachers who helped us make this event possible. ISYC celebrated a Father and Child masterchef edition activity for their students and daddies to create a tighter bond with each other and to educate children that Dad’s can cook too!

To our energetic PACE culinary student assistants, we are very proud of you for executing this event smoothly! We hope that your learned a lot from this 2 days event – from preparation to event day!

Demo Chefpreneur:
Aaron Atanacio (Batch 5)

Students Assistants:
Argelyn Marangi (Batch 23)
Marrion Kenneth de Guzman (Batch 33)
John Von Del Prado (Batch 33)
Dustin Joshua Hernandez (Batch 33)
Alex Jr.Litonjua (Batch 33)
Ericson Mandalihan (Batch 33)
Jherome Quilenderino (Batch 33)
John Paul Jones Reyes (Batch 33)