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CAD Course

The Culinary Arts Diploma of PACE is modular, competency-based program that trains students about the fundamentals of professional cooking, anchored on the techniques, methods and practices of the classical French. Hands-on training will be the major part of the program. Relevant lectures and actual exposure to the different facets of a chef’s workplace such as fine dining exposure and wet and dry market trips will also complement their kitchen training.

All students will have a chance to learn from the Professional Development track that PACE uniquely offers in order to give them a wider perspective of their career choices in the culinary industry may it be business in the food industry or a career as a chef.

The CAD program has the equivalency of Cookery NC II under TESDA’s TVET Program.

Schedule of Training Modules:

Module Title: Culinary Foundation
Module Title: Fundamentals of Cost Management
Module Title: Knife Skills

Module Title: Stocks, Soups and Sauces
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Eggs, Vegetables and Potatoes
Module Title: Pastas Grains and Starches

Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Beef and Game
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Pork
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Poultry and Game
Module Title: Cooking Fish and Shellfish
Module Title: Classic Filipino Cuisine

Module Title: Salads and Sandwiches
Module Title: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
Module Title: Sausages, Pates, Cold Food Presentation
Module Title: Hors d’ Oeuvres, Cold Food Presentation

Module Title: Dining Protocol
Module Title: Restaurant Simulation
Module Title: Professional Development and Entrepreneurship Track*
*Professional Development Track for Diploma students is specifically designed to give them a wider perspective over their culinary careers. The module will enable the students to prepare themselves for immediate or future opportunities in the culinary industry.

Business Development
The course covers all elements in starting a business from conceptualization to planning. The program also covers the essential elements needed to produce satisfied customers and a profitable business. The course will also cover principles and practices of small and medium sized food businesses.

Catering Management
The Catering Management course covers the crucial business aspects of on- and off-premise catering. It will cover up-to-date information on menu design and pricing, new business development, marketing analysis techniques and essential information on small business management principles in a local perspective.

Career Planning and Preparation
The module helps prepare the students gain the necessary skills for job application. This module includes resume writing, interview skills development and job orientation.

SIXTH TERM: On-The-Job Training (600 hours)

Course Duration:

SchedulesMonday to Thursday
Tuesday to Friday
Time8:00am to 12:00nn
1:00pm to 5:00pm
8:00am to 12:00nn
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Duration1 year training1 year and 6 months
PACE’s Saturday Class was created exclusively for students who are working or have a business to attend to during weekdays. The Saturday Class schedules allow them to train while working.

Course Inclusions:

  • Complete Set of Uniform (2 sets)
  • Training Knife Set with Knife Bag
  • Professional Cooking Book with CD
  • Hand outs and Recipes
  • Raw Materials/Ingredients
  • On-the-Job Training Services
  • Insurance