Proserv Consulting

PACE shares its expertise to the Food Service Industry through its’ PROSERV Consulting. PACE will help you address and solve your concerns in the different aspects of operations.

PACE offers client specific programs and solutions wherein PACE can be your adviser, industry partner and resource.

Our services covers the following:

 Menu Conceptualization
Having a hard time putting together your menu? Our Menu Conceptualization work scope is applicable for new and existing businesses. PACE can help in crafting effective and efficient menu line-up aligned with the concept you have in mind. Learn to mix and match food items to achieve a fast-moving menu.

 Recipe Standardization
Food is the life blood of your restaurant business. It is important that the kitchen team is able to execute all menu items the way it was designed. Our Recipe Standardization work scope aims to support your business by creating a standardized recipe of your entire menu line-up.

 Recipe Costing
A properly costed recipe helps business owners be guided in their food cost targets. PACE can do the recipe costing for you or even improve your current food cost targets.

 Market List Preparation & Supplier Sourcing
Being in the same business, we can help you make a more efficient and effective market lists. We can also help you spend less time sourcing out the most cost efficient and quality products by recommending and connecting you to the best possible suppliers.

 Kitchen Design
Having a fully furnished kitchen would be nice, but a more efficient kitchen will be every chef’s dream! Establishing a good kitchen layout where the flow of food from purchasing, production to finishing results to effective kitchen workflow. Our experienced chefs can help you design your outlet’s kitchen.

 Kitchen Staff Talent Sourcing
Busy with your business operations and have no time to do Kitchen Hiring? We can help you screen your applicants through a Kitchen Trade Test. We have a systematic way to screen chef applicants making sure that they have the skills, knowledge and attitude that your business needs.

 Kitchen Staff Training
Studies say that investing in human resources yields better businesses. See your business grow further by equipping your employees with the right training. PACE conduct trainings and seminars for kitchen staff. We can do it in our facility or in your own facility. Some of the essential topics include:

– Food Safety and Sanitation
– Food Cost and Inventory Management
– Specific Culinary Skills Training

 Food Presentation
As they always say, “The eye eats first”. Let our chefs help you come up with an updated and creative food presentation. We will make sure that your food concept comes to life by helping you match the right color mix, plates to be used and the presentation drama that every customer is looking for when they dine!

 Food Styling & Photo Shoot
First impression is everything! We can help you create pictures that will talk to your diners when placed in any menu or advertisement material. Our styling and photo shoot services will surely distinguish your food business from competition.

 Outlet Menu Design
Let us help you create menus that is not only enticing to order but also creative in looks. Creating a one of a kind menu presents first impression appeal and impact to diners. Our in-house artist is backed up with years of experience in the food and beverage industry.

 Front of the House Training
It takes two to tango. Excellent food coupled with excellent service ensures a repeat client! Front of house skills is increasingly becoming a much needed skill now. Let us help you update the skills of your people through these topics:

 Dining Protocol

 Service Culture Training

 Menu Awareness and Effective Upselling

Let us help you. The work scope for ProServ Consulting are customized and specific to the needs of each and every client. Let us grow your business together! Call us to know more about our Proserv Consulting services.