Enroll your child in a week-long culinary class for the youth ages 5 and up! PACE believes that learning the basics in the kitchen is a life skill. Start them Young! is more than just learning how to cook, through the different dishes that they will prepare themselves every day. PACE aims to develop their appreciation about food and how it is prepared.

Day 1

– Red Velvet Crinkles
– Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Cookie Monster

Day 2
– Strawberry Pannacotta
– Tiramisu
– Chocolate Mousse

Day 3
– Chocolate Muffin
– Vanilla Muffin
– Blueberry Muffin

Day 4
– Pancakes
– Waffles
– Corndogs

Day 5
– Cheesy Chicken Empanada
– Vanilla Bread Pudding
– Danish Pastries

Courses Inclusions:
– 4 hours hands-on training
– Apron
– Recipes and hands-outs
– Raw materials / ingredients
– Graduation and Certificate