2019 Philippine Culinary Cup

Setting the PACE at the 10th Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE is truly grateful and humbled by the awards the school has received at the 10th Philippine Culinary Cup. For the first time in 10 years, a provincial-based school has won the Overall Champion title. PACE proudly hails from Rizal, founded and managed by Rizalenos.

The Philippine Culinary Cup, the only culinary competition in the Philippines sanctioned by the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) has showcased the best of the best in the industry. On its 10th year of staging, PCC has attracted a variety of competing teams and individuals all across Asia. The panel of distinguished judges from different countries has raised the bar of standards for this year’s competition. Nothing was easy and every competitor had to earn their medal. In the last 10 years, only 4 schools have held the title of overall champion and now PACE belongs to the illustrious list of winners.

Success is no accident. It takes hard work, perseverance and humility to learn. And most of all, to love what you do spells the difference in achieving success. In the case of PACE, it took 5 years of learning while in competition, 62 Bronzes, 37 Silvers and 5 Gold podium finishes for PACE to achieve where it is right now. Through the mentorship of its Culinary Captains, Chef Lowell Cauilan, himself a gold medallist and Chef Menoy Gimenez, a culinary education pioneer together with the collaborative effort between the instructors, its students and supporters, they have brought PACE at the top of the competition.

Silver Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Dream Team – Chef May Martinez
  • Dream Team – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Dream Team – Chef Peachy Mathay (Coach)
  • Filipino Cuisine – Miro Bataan
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef April Aluning
  • Filipino Cuisine – Loida Commendador
  • U.S. Beef – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Pasta – Myrna Melchoir
  • Creative Breakfast – Rodel Santos

Bronze Medals in:

  • Filipino Cuisine – Charlane Gonzales
  • Filipino Cuisine – Fiona Flores
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Lowell Cauilan
  • Young Chefs – Coleen Wilton
  • Young Chefs – Rafael Navarro
  • U.S. Beef – Chef April Aluning
  • U.S. Beef – Therese Cua
  • U.S. Poultry – Manny Ordinario
  • Fantasy Plate – Chef Monicca Dechavez

The feat of being an overall champion in the non-professional category will serve as an inspiration for us to be better and take risks moving forward for the benefit of our students and alumni. Indeed, success is where opportunity and preparation meet. PACE had the opportunity to transform from good to great and our years of preparation enabled us to be on TOP.


2018 Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE is High at 5 in the 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup

The 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup will forever be etched in PACE’s young history as the year where our pursuit for excellence bore fruit. Every year, PACE continues to improve its overall performance in the Philippine Culinary Cup and credit this to the collective pursuit and desire to give the best for our students and the culinary community.

True to form, PCC 2018 remains to be the yardstick where culinary skills are measured. A lot of competitors from notable international hotels and prominent culinary institutions locally and in Asia participated as they all tried to meet the expectation of the judges. This naturally raises the bar higher as the benchmark for excellence is defined not only by the judges’ criteria but the quality of competitors on the floor.

To be mentioned as one of the top performing culinary institution serves an inspiration to us to be better and take risks moving forward. What made this even sweeter is majority of best entries are from our students and alumni who are products of PACE’s program.

It is therefore a humbling victory for PACE to finally achieve its foremost goal. To reach the Gold standard of excellence. With 5 Gold medal entries, 13 Silver and 21 Bronze medals, PACE has once again surpassed its performance year by year. The following are the podium finishes of PACE the 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup:

Gold Medals in:

  • Creative Breakfast – Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan
  • U.S. Beef – Joanne Jamero
  • U.S. Beef – Chiclet Gonzales
  • U.S. Poultry – Edward Taponan
  • Pasta – Marcelo Morales

Silver Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Chef Peachy Mathay
  • Dream Team – Chef May Martinez
  • Dream Team – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Dream Team – Chef Monicca Dechavez (Coach)
  • Dream Team – Fiona Flores
  • Dream Team – Chiclet Gonzales
  • Dream Team – Chef Catz Ong
  • Dream Team – Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan (Coach)
  • Young Chefs – John Doliguez
  • Young Chefs – Therese Cua
  • U.S. Beef – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Pasta – Chelsea Keith Ballesteros

Bronze Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Miro Bataan
  • Dream Team – Chef April Aluning
  • Dream Team – Chef Sheena Castro
  • Dream Team – Chef Bong Villanueva (Coach)
  • Filipino Cuisine – Jessica O’hara
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef May Martinez
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Filipino Cuisine – Fiona Flores
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chiclet Gonzales
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Catz Ong
  • U.S. Poultry – Chef May Martinez
  • U.S. Poultry – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • U.S. Poultry – Chiclet Gonzales
  • U.S. Pork – Chef Carla Bangay
  • U.S. Pork – Ronald Arroza
  • U.S. Pork – Kathrine Baldo
  • Local Fish or Seafood – Fiona Flores
  • Local Fish or Seafood – Therese Cua
  • Creative Breakfast – Chef April Aluning
  • Creative Breakfast – Chef Bong Villanueva
  • Pasta – Amie Manalo

Our team of passionate and selfless teachers Led by Chef Lowell Cauilan and Chef Menoy Gimenez brought out the best in every participant.

PACE is also fortunate to have sponsors and culinary partners who gave their faith and shared their resources as we worked our way to success. Truly, collaborating with the industry goes a long way!

Finally, we are truly grateful to God for giving us the talent and the right attitude to succeed. PACE will always espouse the wisdom that “Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better.”