2019 Philippine Culinary Cup

Setting the PACE at the 10th Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE is truly grateful and humbled by the awards the school has received at the 10th Philippine Culinary Cup. For the first time in 10 years, a provincial-based school has won the Overall Champion title. PACE proudly hails from Rizal, founded and managed by Rizalenos.

The Philippine Culinary Cup, the only culinary competition in the Philippines sanctioned by the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) has showcased the best of the best in the industry. On its 10th year of staging, PCC has attracted a variety of competing teams and individuals all across Asia. The panel of distinguished judges from different countries has raised the bar of standards for this year’s competition. Nothing was easy and every competitor had to earn their medal. In the last 10 years, only 4 schools have held the title of overall champion and now PACE belongs to the illustrious list of winners.

Success is no accident. It takes hard work, perseverance and humility to learn. And most of all, to love what you do spells the difference in achieving success. In the case of PACE, it took 5 years of learning while in competition, 62 Bronzes, 37 Silvers and 5 Gold podium finishes for PACE to achieve where it is right now. Through the mentorship of its Culinary Captains, Chef Lowell Cauilan, himself a gold medallist and Chef Menoy Gimenez, a culinary education pioneer together with the collaborative effort between the instructors, its students and supporters, they have brought PACE at the top of the competition.

Silver Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Dream Team – Chef May Martinez
  • Dream Team – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Dream Team – Chef Peachy Mathay (Coach)
  • Filipino Cuisine – Miro Bataan
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef April Aluning
  • Filipino Cuisine – Loida Commendador
  • U.S. Beef – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Pasta – Myrna Melchoir
  • Creative Breakfast – Rodel Santos

Bronze Medals in:

  • Filipino Cuisine – Charlane Gonzales
  • Filipino Cuisine – Fiona Flores
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Lowell Cauilan
  • Young Chefs – Coleen Wilton
  • Young Chefs – Rafael Navarro
  • U.S. Beef – Chef April Aluning
  • U.S. Beef – Therese Cua
  • U.S. Poultry – Manny Ordinario
  • Fantasy Plate – Chef Monicca Dechavez

The feat of being an overall champion in the non-professional category will serve as an inspiration for us to be better and take risks moving forward for the benefit of our students and alumni. Indeed, success is where opportunity and preparation meet. PACE had the opportunity to transform from good to great and our years of preparation enabled us to be on TOP.


FREE: BAKERSFIELD “Baking in the rain” Demo Class

This FREE DEMO CLASS has limited seats only, please register 1st if you are interested to join this class.
A confirmation email or text will be sent to confirm your attendance. See you all there!

For inquiries please call us at 0917.702.4796 / 654.4862


Diploma Courses

ICE Course

PACE continues to elevate the level of training for its students. PACE now offers a comprehensive course called the Intensive Culinary-Baking and Entrepreneurship Program or ICE.

The course aims to equip the students the necessary Culinary and Baking skills complemented by our unique Entrepreneurship in the Food Service industry programs. The continuous training allows students to acquire the skills through hands-on training and application of relevant experiences.

Consistent with our end in mind, our graduates are prepared to compete for opportunities both as a practitioner or a chefpreneur and are flexible to the needs of the industry.

Together with our seasoned chefs and mentors, we at PACE believe that the best investment is still education and training. Take our ICE program and experience the PACE advantage.

Schedule of Training Modules:

Module Title: Culinary Foundation
Module Title: Fundamentals of Cost Management
Module Title: Knife Skills

Module Title: Stocks, Soups and Sauces
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Eggs, Vegetables and Potatoes
Module Title: Pasta Grains and Starches

Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Beef and Game
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Pork
Module Title: Understanding and Cooking Poultry and Game
Module Title: Cooking Fish and Shellfish
Module Title: Classic Filipino Cuisine

Module Title: Salads and Sandwiches
Module Title: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
Module Title: Sausages, Pates, Cold Food Presentation
Module Title: Hors d’ Oeuvres, Cold Food Presentation

FIFTH TERM: COOKING R.A.W (Recipes Around the World)
Module Title: French Classic
– Moules Mariniere
– Bouillabaise
– Salad Provencale
– Potage au Pistou
– Pan Fried Salmon with Sauce Meuniere
– Coq au Vin
– Pork Tenderloin ala Diane
– Beef Bourguigon
– Crème Brulee
– Tarte Tatin
– Cream Puff
– Crepe Suzette

SIXTH TERM: COOKING R.A.W (Recipes Around the World)
Module Title: Mediterranean 101
– Italian Antipasto: Roasted Tomato with Saffron, Papardelle, Trippa Venezia, Bagna Cauda, Tiramisu
– Spanish Tapas: Gambas ala Ajillo, Chiperones, Bacalao ala Vizcania, Magdalenas
– Greek/Morrocan: Tyropitakia, Beef Kebob, Pita Bread with Babbaganoush, Humus, Tzatziki, Baklava, Moussaka, Moroccan Chicken Stew

SEVENTH TERM: COOKING R.A.W (Recipes Around the World)
Module Title:  American Dine
– Tex-Mex Dishes: Beef Enchilada, Austin Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Churros con Chocolate
– Cajun vs. Creole: Bisque, Cajun Crab Cake, Smothered Porkchops, Jambalaya, Beignets
– American Inventions 1: Philly Cheese Steak, Meatloaf, Mac & Cheese, Key Lime Pie
– American Inventions 2: Burger, Cioppino, Boston Cream Pie

EIGHT TERM: COOKING R.A.W (Recipes Around the World)
Module Title: Sampling Asian
– Chinese Stir Fries: Steamed Pork Buns, Shrimp & Pork Siomai, Sweet & Sour Fish, Stir Fried Noddle, Egg Tart
– Understanding Japanese and Korean: Sushi & Maki, Kalbichim, Chicken Teriyaki, Chapchae, Japanese Cheese Cake
– Thai, Malay and Singaporean: Hainanese Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Laksa, Pork Sate, Nasi Goreng, Ruby Water Chestnut, Mango w/ sticky rice

Module Title: Review of Food Safety and Sanitation
Module Title: Equipment Identification
Module Title: Product Identification
Module Title: Bakers Percentage
Module Title: Baking Principle

Module Title: Quick Breads, Biscuits
Module Title: Muffins, Scones
Module Title: Pate Choux – Cream Puffs, Profiteroles, Eclairs & Paris Breast
Module Title: Doughnuts, Pancakes and Waffles

Module Title: Cookies and Bars
Module Title: Pies and Tarts
Module Title: Cake Mixing and Baking
Module Title: Assembling/Decorating Cake, Frosting and Finishing

Module Title: Business Development Module
Module Title: Product Development Module
Module Title: Catering Management Module
Module Title: Career Development Module
Module Title: Dining Protocol

Module Title: Restaurant Simulation
– Buffet
– Ala Carte
Module Title: Bake Sale

FOURTEENTH TERM: On-the-Job Training (600 hours)

Course Duration:

ScheduleMonday to Thursday
Tuesday to Friday
Time8:00am to 12:00nn
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Duration1 year and 10 months
Saturday ICE Course is not yet available.

Course Inclusions:

  • Complete Set of Uniform (3 sets)
  • Training Knife Set with Knife Bag
  • Baking Kit with Baking Bag
  • Professional Cooking Book with CD
  • Hand outs and Recipes
  • Raw Materials/Ingredients
  • On-the-Job Training Services
  • Insurance

“Make money this Christmas Season”

Holiday Spree October

Planning to earn extra income this holiday season? Avail of PACE’s Holiday Spree Short Courses. This is a four-day culinary and baking short course where participants can learn the proper preparation method, recipe quantification, costing and packaging presentation of baked pastries and culinary savories that are best for selling over the holidays.

Hurry, enroll now! Limited slots only

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Chiffon Sponge
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Banana Walnut Loaf
  • Streusel Topping
  • Chocolate Truffles


  • Almond Crusted Vanilla Swiss Log
  • Chiffon Sponge
  • Orange Filling
  • Ganache
  • Peanut Butter Brownies
  • Oreo Cookie Monster
  • Special Quezo de Bola Ensaymada
  • Pork Embotido
  • Beef Morcon


  • Chicken Galantina
  • Assorted Empanadas
  • Savory Tarts

Course Inclusion:
Hands-on Training, Raw Materials, Recipes, Apron and Certificate

Course Schedule:
Every Friday and Saturday of October (11-12 / 18-19); 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
*other schedule dates may be available, please inquire for further details

Course Fee:
Php 2,500.00 / one-day series                 |                  Php 8,000.00 /4 -day series


PH culinary school wins against international competitors in cuisine competition

The Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE) won 5 gold, 13 silver, and 21 bronze medals in the recently held 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC) where different culinary institutions in Asia competed.

The Professional Academy for Culinary Education founders, teachers, and students who participated in this year's Philippine Culinary Cup (MANILA BULLETIN)

The Professional Academy for Culinary Education founders, teachers, and students who participated in this year’s Philippine Culinary Cup (MANILA BULLETIN)

“We were able to bring home 5 gold, 13 silver, and 21 bronze medals thanks to our hardworking instructors, and to our participants who tried really hard in their competition,” said Chef Catherine Ong, PACE co-founder and CEO, in a celebratory dinner which featured innovative Filipino cuisine at One Rockwell, Makati on Friday.

As this was their fifth time joining the contest, Ong claimed that PACE has once again surpassed its performance year by year.

“Medals would always be the icing on the cake,” said PACE co-founder and marketing director Fiona Flores. “Pero, ang mas vina-value namin is yung samahan (But what we value most is camaraderie).”

“That we learn a lot from earning a medal, from practicing, [and] from supporting each competitor during the competition,” Flores added.

Awards won from 2018 PCC

For the gold medals earned, Chef Abner Lowell Cauillan topped the Creative Breakfast category, meanwhile, Joanne Jamero and Chiclet Gonzales in the US Beef category, Edward Taponan in the US Poultry category, and Marcelo Morales in the Pasta category.

The winning dishes that earned PACE 5 gold medals at the Philippine Culinary Cup 2018 (MANILA BULLETIN)

The winning dishes that earned PACE 5 gold medals at the Philippine Culinary Cup 2018 (MANILA BULLETIN)

Furthermore, there were two Dream Teams who won silver medals. The first team included Chef Peachy Mathay, Chef May Martinez, Chef Carla Bangay, and their coach Chef Monicca Dechavez. The second team was comprised of Fiona Flores, Chiclet Gonzales, and Chef Catherine Ong with Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan as their coach.

Young chefs John Doliguez and Theresa Cua also obtained silver medals.

For the US Beef category, Chef Monicca Dechavez once again received the silver award, as well as Chelsea Keith Ballesteros for the Pasta category.

Another Dream Team that collected bronze medals were composed of Miro Bataan, Chef April Aluning, and Chef Sheena Castro alongside Chef Bong Villanueva who was their coach.

Meanwhile, two teams bagged the bronze award in the Filipino Cuisine category with Jessica O’Hara, Chef May Martinez, and Chef Carla Bangay in the first team, and Fiona Flores, Chiclet Gonzales, and Chef Catherine Ong in the second team.

For the US Poultry category, Chef May Martinez, Chef Monicca Dechavez, and Chiclet Gonzales acquired bronze medals. Likewise, Chef Carla Bangay, Ronald Arroza, and Kathrine Baldo in the US Pork category, Fiona Flores and Therese Cua in the Local Fish or Seafood category, Chef April Aluning and Chef Bong Villanueva in the Creative Breakfast category, and Amie Manalo in the Pasta category.

‘More than just a culinary school’

PACE co-founder and school administrator Mark Catarroja remarked that PACE is more than just a culinary school.

“When we started [PACE] six years ago, the vision is to really make a difference in the industry,” he stated. “We know that there are a lot of culinary schools…and we want to make a difference in the area of entrepreneurship.”

Catarroja explained that PACE has chefs who desire to open businesses. Concurrently, they also have chefs who own businesses.

“They believe that training is as important as any other investment in their food businesses,” said Catarroja.

PACE offers culinary training and entrepreneurship. Hence, they coined the term “chefreneurship.”

Original post by: Francine Ciasico of Manila Bulletin
Article link here.


2018 Philippine Culinary Cup

PACE is High at 5 in the 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup

The 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup will forever be etched in PACE’s young history as the year where our pursuit for excellence bore fruit. Every year, PACE continues to improve its overall performance in the Philippine Culinary Cup and credit this to the collective pursuit and desire to give the best for our students and the culinary community.

True to form, PCC 2018 remains to be the yardstick where culinary skills are measured. A lot of competitors from notable international hotels and prominent culinary institutions locally and in Asia participated as they all tried to meet the expectation of the judges. This naturally raises the bar higher as the benchmark for excellence is defined not only by the judges’ criteria but the quality of competitors on the floor.

To be mentioned as one of the top performing culinary institution serves an inspiration to us to be better and take risks moving forward. What made this even sweeter is majority of best entries are from our students and alumni who are products of PACE’s program.

It is therefore a humbling victory for PACE to finally achieve its foremost goal. To reach the Gold standard of excellence. With 5 Gold medal entries, 13 Silver and 21 Bronze medals, PACE has once again surpassed its performance year by year. The following are the podium finishes of PACE the 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup:

Gold Medals in:

  • Creative Breakfast – Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan
  • U.S. Beef – Joanne Jamero
  • U.S. Beef – Chiclet Gonzales
  • U.S. Poultry – Edward Taponan
  • Pasta – Marcelo Morales

Silver Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Chef Peachy Mathay
  • Dream Team – Chef May Martinez
  • Dream Team – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Dream Team – Chef Monicca Dechavez (Coach)
  • Dream Team – Fiona Flores
  • Dream Team – Chiclet Gonzales
  • Dream Team – Chef Catz Ong
  • Dream Team – Chef Abner Lowell Cauilan (Coach)
  • Young Chefs – John Doliguez
  • Young Chefs – Therese Cua
  • U.S. Beef – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • Pasta – Chelsea Keith Ballesteros

Bronze Medals in:

  • Dream Team – Miro Bataan
  • Dream Team – Chef April Aluning
  • Dream Team – Chef Sheena Castro
  • Dream Team – Chef Bong Villanueva (Coach)
  • Filipino Cuisine – Jessica O’hara
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef May Martinez
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Carla Bangay
  • Filipino Cuisine – Fiona Flores
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chiclet Gonzales
  • Filipino Cuisine – Chef Catz Ong
  • U.S. Poultry – Chef May Martinez
  • U.S. Poultry – Chef Monicca Dechavez
  • U.S. Poultry – Chiclet Gonzales
  • U.S. Pork – Chef Carla Bangay
  • U.S. Pork – Ronald Arroza
  • U.S. Pork – Kathrine Baldo
  • Local Fish or Seafood – Fiona Flores
  • Local Fish or Seafood – Therese Cua
  • Creative Breakfast – Chef April Aluning
  • Creative Breakfast – Chef Bong Villanueva
  • Pasta – Amie Manalo

Our team of passionate and selfless teachers Led by Chef Lowell Cauilan and Chef Menoy Gimenez brought out the best in every participant.

PACE is also fortunate to have sponsors and culinary partners who gave their faith and shared their resources as we worked our way to success. Truly, collaborating with the industry goes a long way!

Finally, we are truly grateful to God for giving us the talent and the right attitude to succeed. PACE will always espouse the wisdom that “Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better.”




1. Tryout is open to all alumni and current students both in Antipolo and BF branches.

2. Start by choosing the category you want to join in. 
SAVORY (For Culinary Students and Graduates)
– Beef
– Poultry
– Pork
– Local Fish or Seafood
– Pasra
– Salad
– Creative Breakfast
PASTRY (For Baking Students and Graduates)
– Plated Desserts
– Fantasy Desserts

3. Submit your original Western-style recipe that consists of
– One (1) Protein
– One (1) Vegetable
– One (1) Starch
– Minimum of two (2) sauces

4. Submitted recipes must be an original work and has not been copied or reproduced from any published or copyrighted source.

5. Recipe must include complete list of ingredients including accurate measurements for every ingredient and complete step-by-step directions for preparation and cooking. PACE Recipe Format must be used. You may request for the format from any of PACE Marketing Representative.

6. Only one recipe per student shall apply.

7. PACE Chef Instructors will nominate potential finalists and will be called for tryouts.

8. Potential finalist will be invited to present their dishes to the Chefs.
*Potential finalist shall provide and bring their own ingredients for their recipes.
*All preparation and cooking of dishes including garnishes must be entirely made and crafted on-the-spot.
*All potential finalists are requested to wear complete chef’s uniform.

9. Final list of the 2018 Philippine Culinary Cup Representatives will be announced right after tryouts.

10. Email your recipes to internship.pace@gmail.com on or before MAY 5 (SATURDAY)

For more details about the Philippine Culinary Cup, visit pcc.wofex.com.


PACE at Manila Boystown

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Pasay Southeast, we would like to give our appreciation in this opportunity for including the PACE Students and Alumni to be part of this outreach. Helping this young boys and sharing simple moments with them has brought joy in our hearts!

We would also like to thank our sponsor CDO Foodsphere for sending tons of Bibo hotdogs, PACE was able to incorporate the hotdogs into a delish menudo rice bowl perfect for the young boys of Manila Boystown.

Once again, thank you for having #TeamPACE!

Student Assistants:
Uriel Chua, Batch 28
Paul Mangubat, Batch 28
James Marlon Enriquez, Batch 28

Janus John Carino, Batch 40
John Paul Diroy, Batch 40
Arturo Rivera Jr., Batch 40
Aljon Yambao, Batch 40

CDO Foodpshere Inc.


PACE and ABC Restaurants by Chef Jean Georges

To all PACE graduates and students eligible for OJT:

ABC Restaurants by ​Chef ​Jean Georges​​ (3 Michelin-Starred Chef​)​, ​are​ looking for strong candidates to have their​ 12-month paid training in New York.

​Location: ​Manhattan, ​New York City, USA
Duration: 12 months
Start Date: ​​ASAP​ or later in 2018 (flexible)
Stipend: $13 USD/hour, eligible for overtime
Hours: Average of 32-40 hours per week
Requirements: ​Culinary student or Graduate, ​Experienced preferred, fluent in English
Benefits: Generous discounted employee dining policies, family meal, and uniforms; ​Housing can be provided at cost
Website: https://www.jean-georges.com/…/united-s…/new-york/abc-cocina

Date: February 19 to 22
Location: 6/F OPL Building, 100 C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
​Interviewer: ABC Sous Chef Emily Giauque

No payment required for interview. Program visa fees applicable ONLY if HIRED after interview.

For more details, visit Placement International Asia at http://placement-international.org/.

To get your interview schedule, send your updated resume to candidate@placement-int.com​. Deadline for application is on February 14


Culinary Tour

Discover our own heritage cuisine by joining PACE Culinary Tour! The purpose of this tour is to expose our students and alumni to the authentic taste and history of the different dishes that are in themed Filipino Food today. PACE believes that a first-hand experience is the best way to help students gain a deeper understanding of our food and culture…

For more information you can email us at ianareyes.pace@gmail.com